Poesia constantly strives to re-imagine coffee and tea from being a legacy drink to a drink that entices, excites and rejuvenates.

Premium coffee with a personal service

Known for our excellent espressos, likewise make flavorful teas and give proficient espresso machines and other hardware, embellishments, backups, and classy special materials. We’ll assist you to improve your business with custom fitted help, master preparing and individual visits from our amicable group.

Poesia Coffee

Whatever your reason for choosing coffee, drink it black or sip it with milk, the superior taste and rich handpicked, roasted aroma strides in! Instant coffee dissolves briskly with hot water & holds a long shelf life.

Poesia Tea

Tea is an elemental part of people’s daily lives all around the world. Very well known that “tea” was discovered in China and later prominently introduced by the British around the world in their colonies.

Sharing Coffee & Tea Expertise

We don’t stop with services. Share our expertise.

We can arrange bespoke training for your team, either at your coffee house, hotel or restaurant, or even at our Coffee and Tea. Given our long experience and expertise with customers worldwide, we’ll ensure you prepare and serve the perfect cup.

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A sustainable future

We want to make the world a better place – in small but meaningful steps.

Having long been concerned with our social responsibility, Julius Meinl is now just as committed to respecting the natural environment around us.

Caring for our world

The key to our delightful hot savors begins the dirt. Find every one of the sensitive stages where ability and experience consolidate to bring you premium espressos teas.

Espresso and tea , the ideal cup

What’s the key to our excellent espressos teas? The consideration and commitment we take through all aspects of the excursion, from the leaf or bean on the homestead or ranch right to the cup in your grasp.

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